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23 Things I learned when co-editing a 650+ page book on Generative AI and its impact on education

Stefan Bauschard - April 2, 2023

“I spent a lot of time over the past 6 weeks co-editing ‘Chat(GPT): Navigating the Impact of Generative AI Technologies on Educational Theory and Practice’, a 650-page volume about the impact of generative AI on education. That involved reading at least a few thousand articles, following what many of the most highly qualified and influential people are saying on LinkedIn, and providing a content edit of most of the very thoughtful chapters written by 32 incredible contributors. Based on that, I’ve reached the following tentative conclusions about where we are with generative AI in education and what we should think about going forward.” – read more

AI Index Report: Measuring trends in Artificial Intelligence

Stanford University - 2023

The AI Index is an independent initiative at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI), led by the AI Index Steering Committee, an interdisciplinary group of experts from across academia and industry. The annual report trackscollatesdistills, and visualizes data relating to artificial intelligence, enabling decision-makers to take meaningful action to advance AI responsibly and ethically with humans in mind.” – read more





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